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Once upon a time someone said “Never work with kids and animals!”


I often questioned why anyone would say that? I enjoy working with both. The trick when working with animals, is to have lots of treats in your pocket. With kids, it is essential to keep them occupied and engaged.


Whether newborn, toddler, just starting school or going out into the big wide world, it is a special time and such times need to be immortalised.


Of course, we can take thousands of photographs with our mobile devices, but sometimes using a professional to capture that perfect moment is invaluable. An exceptional photographer instinctively knows how to make the best of a given situation, has a patient and empathetic manner and a creative mind and, most importantly, the expertise to be able to deliver a quality photo that is ready for print. 



MyideaPhotography studio works on a customised service basis, I believe every job and client is unique, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

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