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Learn Photography 

I have taken the basic elements of photography and simplified them to make them less confusing and more understanding for today’s  photographer.This will help you go through the  transition from automatic mode to manual mode as smooth as possible and to make it easier to understand and start taking amazing photos... 

Auto to Manual mode:


Using my knowledge of digital photography and experience in teaching, I have come up with a unique way to give beginners the fundamentals and tools to become better Photographers.


Over a period of time, this is often different for each individual.  I can teach a person with very little photography knowledge the basic skills to take their camera and switch it into Manual mode and control the 3 main settings of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. 


So you may ask...  Why don’t we just keep the camera in Auto. Good question!

Maybe if you want a perfectly balanced image all the time, ok.


But if you would like to be a little creative and take a shot of a bunch of flowers with the window behind out of focus. Maybe catch the tail lights of the car driving past lit up, you will need to go to manual.


So if you what to learn how to take stunning shots instead of letting your camera decide how the photo will turn out, contact me and I can help.


I customise all my clients needs individually . 


I have in the past organized large groups of photographers to catch the North Lights on a 15 day tour of Scandinavia. Driven across the US teaching a client every aspect of photography for 7 days starting in Sedona AZ and finishing in Denver CO.

Over the past 10 years I have helped many beginners turn from auto to manual and develop a work flow that consists of setting up their camera, taking a photo and then editing it in Lightroom.

Beginners Course: Auto2Manual

My auto2manual course includes the following fundamentals:


Teach you to navigate your camera, so you understand what settings to use...


How to use the manual settings on your camera to properly expose a photo...

What aperture, shutter speed and ISO is, and how to use them creatively...

Teach you all about the different photo settings and resolutions.

Explain and show different composition rules that will automatically improve your photography.

Guide you to develop your own work flow. The process of taking to photo to storing a photo.

The basics of editing photos on Adobe Lightroom.

This can take some students longer than others so I have a guideline of roughly 4 x 2 hour lessons...

Price: Contact me for a quote…

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