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Martin Giles

My adventure into the world of photography began at the age of 17 as I was leaving the UK for the first time on a ferry bound for Europe.  My parents and I were sailing out of the Port of Dover when I first encountered the White Cliffs and realised they weren’t white, they were green. It was at that moment I decided I wanted a camera to capture the image to show the world. Shortly after, for my 18th birthday, my father bought me my first ever camera, a little Olympus Pen half frame 35mm. This camera created a passion. With this tiny pocket camera I learnt the fundamental steps of becoming a photographer including effective lighting, shadows and composition.


To this day, my enthusiasm is as keen, still having as much passion and obsession for photography as I did back then.


I guarantee to deliver an outstanding personal service to all my clients.


If you are searching for a Professional photographer do not hesitate a moment longer, get in touch. MyideaPhotography is a service you can trust.

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